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The sides are now aiming for a Jan. 13 start date, with either a 52- or 56-game schedule, sources confirmed to ESPN. The sides have communicated daily since Thursday, and the hope is to finalize a plan by the end of the week. That plan -- which will include temporary divisional realignment, schedules and coronavirus protocols -- must be approved by the NHL's board of governors and the NHLPA's executive board.Los Angeles Kings

On Wednesday, Durant said he has been told to expect to play small forward while also spending some time at center.

San Jose, by the way, would likely love to have a player like Cernak to play on the right side behind Erik Karlsson and Brent Burns.

Wearing masks while playing sports could protect children’s and teen’s health today and for years to come.

The Commissioner said the NHL Players' Association would sign off on a training camp of appropriate length, which might be slightly shorter than past seasons. Teams probably would want to play a preseason game or two, he said.Boston Bruins

The Hockey Visor
Also known as a face shield, a hockey visor covers the top half of a players’ face, protecting the eyes.Washington Capitals

It’s always a bit of a stretch to call something “iconic” when it’s only been around for less than a year, but Ben Bishop’s glowing Tron mask is one of the most innovative and eye catching masks in recent time and will probably be much higher up one of these lists 10 or 20 years from now. The winner of our 2015 Bucket Bracket Showdown, Bishop’s mask is special for a number of reasons. From the finals matchup:Ottawa Senators
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